Learn Surfing in El Palmar

Surf lessons by experts

As we have already indicated, El Palmar is an ideal place for surfing, mainly due to the pleasant temperatures throughout the year.

Unlike what happens in the north of Spain (and a good part of Europe) during autumn and winter,Here you can enjoy a stable, warm and sunny climate almost all year round.

On average, there is sunshine 300 of the 365 days of the year and the temperature does not usually drop below 15 degrees. The beaches are very beautiful and also have the necessary characteristics for a safe practice of surfing.

Enjoy the beaches of El Palmar

First of all,there are practically no stones, which means that the risk of colliding and injuring your feet is almost zero.

In addition, the sea, due to its orientation, fully receives the swells that come from the Atlantic Ocean,thus producing perfect waves for surfing.

In short, the magnificent beaches of El Palmar and the warm climate in the region during practically the whole year, allows it to be a dream site for the practice of this sport.

Surfcamp El Palmar

Learn with professional instructors

Therefore, inour surfcamp we put at your disposal a team of instructors With experience and highly trained to teach you the best techniques of this sport.

It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience or if it’s your first time on a board, they will know how to guide you so you can enjoy surfing.

All levels

No matter the previous experience

During the first class, we will explain all theoretical basis so that you learn the keys to the practice of this sport. Then it’s time for your first surfing experience in the sea. The right surfboard and wetsuit will of course be provided for you.

Morning classes

Enjoy the waves

It is important to remark that all classes are in the morning, so that you can enjoy the precious El Palmar beaches.

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